The Truth About OSHA Training Requirements

Are You “OSHA Certified”?


In short… No, you nor anyone else is “OSHA Certified” due to the fact that OSHA does not offer an “OSHA Certification”.   In fact, OSHA does not “Certify” anyone for anything!

What OSHA does require is for employers to ensure their employees get trained on specific topics, and then “Certify” (or document) that they have received the training, per OSHA standards.

OSHA developed training courses known as, the OSHA-10 Hour and 30-hour Outreach Training Classes, conducted by trainers who are “authorized” by OSHA to teach the classes, and who then provides an OSHA wallet card to the student that “verifies” the trainee was present during the OSHA training course.  A student may also take the 10 or 30-hour class on-line through an OSHA accepted training course provider.  Remember, having the OSHA wallet card means that you have completed an OSHA Outreach Training Course from an “authorized” OSHA trainer, and have not become “OSHA Certified”.  There are also training courses available for Confined Space Entry, Excavation Competent Person, and more.

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